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I’m Linda, and my style is to keep my blog posts short and sweet, and always insightful. My goal is to help you expand your thinking and your world, to thrive and feel good about you.

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Aug 10, 2020

Don't just sit there! Start journaling


Shay asked:

I’m Black, and all my life I have been coping with race issues. I’m frustrated and drained emotionally. I need a boost. Got any suggestions?

Shay, I hear you, and yes, coping with race issues is exhausting. So I’m going to share with you my number one, full-proof technique that I guarantee will alter you mood in five minutes flat—journal writing. Not convinced? That’s okay, but I’m confident that this can help you find joy again, bring that smile back on your face, and put a little pep in your step.

When you put pen to paper, you create an intention to search, expose, and triumph over any experience for your benefit. Begin with the “I feel…” statement, jotting down what immediately comes to your mind. Five minutes is all you need until you get more comfortable with the process.

Journal writing is an excellent activity to voice and sort through a host of feelings in a safe and private forum. You will discover the many ways you censure, dismiss, and silent yourself (similar to how our society ignores the BIPOC—Black Indigenous Person of Color). Relief and release comes once you’ve waded through the jumble of emotions, I promise. Envision the best.



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