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I’m Linda, and my style is to keep my blog posts short and sweet, and always insightful. My goal is to help you expand your thinking and your world, to thrive and feel good about you.

Oct 27, 2020

Seasons change and so do I

 Dear Readers,

There is so much negativity happening in our country, and I didn’t want to add to it by writing a heavy post. So, I’ve decided to talk about harvesting, that wonderful tradition that happens in the fall season. And just because we are in a pandemic, there is no reason we can’t commemorate it.  

I get it, 2020 has been hellish; a pandemic, America’s awakening to the reality that its Black citizens’ lives do matter, and to top it off this is our election year. So yes, it’s been one big ol’ yowza.  I personally experienced a wild fire at my back door, an evacuation order, and heavy smoke for weeks but through it all my journal writing has kept me sane.

Consistent journaling has built up my spiritual strength, maintained my emotional balance, and yes, even helped to keep my A1C levels in check without turning my back on my favorite candy. I have been able to refinance my home (watch for that one in another post), maintain my blog, create new products, and forge new business alliances.

What about you? Did you perhaps discover a hidden talent? Find a new career? Enjoy a new creative outlet? Whatever it is, I would love to hear about it.

Always envision the best.

Sep 29, 2020

Will you join me?


I always try to remain positive in the face of racism, but like you I experience days when I am saddened and so very frustrated. My heart aches for Breonna Taylor and for every Black person who was murdered by police officers. But I will not give up hope nor will I stop believing in the millions of Americans, Black and white, who are working toward equality for all of the citizens of America.

For over thirty years, I have nursed the concept behind the Think Bigger cards, inspirations that define the best selves of Blacks and whites. I designed cards for Blacks to help rebuild your self-esteem that has been worn down by systematic racism, and those created for Whites are meant to widen your mind and heart and the basics of sharing.

I’m so glad my cards are finally here because their messages are so valuable. They uplift each other and calm fears.  The timing couldn’t be better, wouldn’t you say?

We may be right in the middle of chaos that grows alarmingly every day, yet I’m convinced we’re right we’re supposed to be. Will you have the courage to let go of our outdated race narrative?

Always envision the best.



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